LayfastSBSLayfastSBS is a superior and competitively priced alternative to traditional 30 & 40 lb organic felt.  The addition of SBS rubber to asphalt gives Layfast an electrometric property that is not available in common felt.  Layfast SBS contains a higher percentage of asphalt for increased waterproofing.  Its inorganic fiberglass reinforcement eliminates the rot and deterioration associated with saturated felt.

It is available in three weights, 35-43-70 lbs/square.  It can be used in lieu of 30 & 40 # felt as an underlayment under shingle, tile, and metal roofs.

It is ICC (formerly ICBO) approved and complies with ASTM D226 standards, which most tile, shingle, and metal manufacturers require.



layfastSBS Datasheet