Ice & Moisture Block SBS

rubberized asphalt membrane




MBTechnology’s “Ice & Moisture Block SBS” is a self-adhesive, SBS-modified, rubberized asphalt membrane.  The Ice & Moisture Block provides extra protection and prevents moisture penetration from windblown rain or ice damming. It is applied over critical roof areas such as eaves, ridges, valleys, dormers, and skylights. The sealing adhesive is protected on the bottom with a split release sheet which is removed during application.

Ice & Moisture Block is available in two grades:

 SA65G:   Manufactured with fine granule surfacing; ideal for tile & shingle roofs.

SA65S:  Manufactured with a smooth sand finish which enables the membrane to also be used as a self-adhesive base for APP & SBS systems.



In areas that experience rain or snowfall followed by freeze-thaw cycles, the problem of ice dam buildup is of great concern in building design. This condition is caused by a meltdown of snow/rain, which then freezes to form an ice dam that prevents proper drainage. Water backs up behind the ice dam, gradually forces its way under shingles and onto the roof deck, enters the building structure, and then causes extensive water damage.


  • Fine granule/textured film surfacing provides enhanced skid resistance.
  • Available with a higher softening point compound and film surfacing for use under metal roofs.
  • Rubberized asphalt compound seals around nails and screws.
  • Split release film provides faster and easier installation.

Ice & Moisture Block can be left exposed for 30 days before the application of a finished roof.

Ultrastick HT a self adhesive SBS Modified Bitumen underlayment manufactured a polyester top surfacing.

It’s manufactured with a dual split release film to allow easier installation.

  • 30 year limited material warranty.
  • Seals around fasteners.
  • UV resistant up to 6 months.
  • Suitable for metal and tile roofs.
  • Slip resistant polyester surfacing.

Product Data Sheets:


Nominal Specification

Product IDSA65GSA65SUltraStick-HT SA68PHT
Thickness (mils)695577
Weight (nominal lbs/roll)796572
Square feet/roll198198216
Top SurfacingSlagSmooth (sand)Polyester
UsageIce & moisture barrier, tile & shingle roof.Ice & moisture barrier, tile & shingle roof.
Self-adhesive base for APP & SBS membrane
Metal, Tile Roof (Foam, Adhesive Applied)

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