Quality Roofing Products and Systems

MBTechnology’s philosophy lies in manufacturing products that are geared to the needs of architects, specifiers, owners, and contractors. This fundamental principle is reflected in our entire line of quality roofing products and systems.

MBTechnology produces 7 families of roofing products, by far the most complete line of roofing products produced in the US. We were among the first manufacturers to introduce into the market a fire-rated, heat welded SBS roofing system. We were the pioneers in terms of making SBS underlayment.

MBTechnology products have been successfully applied in a wide range of climates, from Arctic regions of Alaska to the high deserts of Nevada. Our international experience encompasses the Pacific Rim, Latin America, and Asia.

With our superior product and 30 years of experience, it is very easy to understand why MBTechnology’s roofing systems have become the choice of professionals. Simply stated, they offer ultimate protection from the elements

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 NEW ecotorchSBS

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Ecotorch_3rollsEcotorch is designed as a superior modified bitumen torch-applied roofing membrane for flashing, new roofing, and re-roofing applications. It’s also an ideal membrane for repair of built-up roofing membranes. When used with a Layfast SBS TU-35/Layflat SBS modified base, Ecotorch is a superior and more ecologically-friendly alternative to APP torch-applied roofing membranes.

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An extremely flexible torch-applied SBS membrane.  Fastorch SBS is superior to APP membranes because the asphalt is modified with Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS) a synthetic rubber, providing it with a rubberized property. APP membranes are manufactured by blending the asphalt with Atactic Polypropylene (APP), which is basically asphalt that has been modified with plastic.  The addition of SBS to rubber makes the membrane easier to apply than other products, with better adhesion to metal and end laps.

Fastorch SBS is available in smooth and granulated surfacing.

Various reinforcement options are available: This includes polyester, glass, and dual reinforced membranes.


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A highly elastic polyester-reinforced membrane. The flexibility of the product makes it ideal for flashing and single ply applications. Superflex membranes can be applied over one layer of layflat SBS / layfast SBS base, and it qualifies for a 10 year warranty. Since only one application of asphalt / adhesive is needed, there is tremendous savings in labor and asphalt costs. Superflex membranes are available in smooth and granulated surfacing.

Various reinforcement options are available: This includes polyester and dual reinforced (polyester & glass reinforced) membranes.

Superflex SBS offers versatility of application with hot asphalt or cold adhesive.


Our family of SBS-modified base sheets. Layflat SBS minimizes buckling, wrinkling, and fish mouths associated with unmodified base / plies.    Layflat SBS is used as a base / ply, and is covered with one of our cap sheets.

Layflat SBS is available in four weights, 25-40-50 & 60 lbs/square, to meet most job conditions.

Various reinforcement options are available: This includes polyester, glass, and fiberglass scrim.

Layflat SBS offers versatility of application with hot asphalt, cold adhesive, or mechanical fasteners.


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A superior and competitively priced alternative to traditional 30 & 40 lb organic felt.  The addition of SBS rubber to asphalt gives Layfast an elastomeric property that is not available in common felt.  Layfast SBS contains a higher percentage of asphalt for increased waterproofing.  Its inorganic fiberglass reinforcement eliminates the rot and deterioration associated with saturated felt.

Layfast SBS is available in three weights, 35-43-70 lbs/square.  It can be used in lieu of 30 & 40 # felt as an underlayment under shingle, tile, and metal roofs.

Layfast SBS is ICC (formerly ICBO) approved and complies with ASTM D226 standards, which most tile, shingle, and metal manufacturers require.

We have developed a motion graphic and landing page which you can use to present features and benefits of layfast to your customer (home owners, architects etc.)


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An elastomeric membrane manufactured with an embossed foil surfacing and reinforced with a woven fiberglass mat.  Metalflex SBS is available in standard aluminum and colored aluminum.  The aluminum top surface offers unparalleled reflectivity and weather ability. It is Class A fire rated over combustible deck with no slope restrictions

Metalflex SBS Cool White 24 has reflectivity characteristics, which exceed the initial requirements set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star® standard and by the Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings, Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations. Metalflex SBS Cool White 24 reflects 75% of solar energy away from the roof surface

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MBTechnology economical   cap sheet. Used in conjunction with  layflat or layfast SBS membranes.  This system offers a superior alternative to BUR or APP torch membranes at a competitive price.

Various reinforcement options are also available: This includes glass and fiberglass scrim.

Supercap SBS offers versatility of application with hot asphalt, cold adhesive or heat weld application.

supercap SBS SC85GWH is now available in 15 different shingle blends to be used as a superior Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing (MSR).

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A technological breakthrough in the roofing industry. Class A /B fire rated over combustible & non-combustible decks, without need for protective coatings or gravel.  Fireguard SBS achieves this rating since it is manufactured with fire retardant chemicals.

Various reinforcement options are also available: This includes polyester, glass, and dual reinforced membranes.

Fireguard  SBS offers versatility of application with hot asphalt, cold adhesive, or heat-welded application.

Self-Stick SA Cap

Self-Stick SA Cap is a premium self adhesive SBS modified bitumen roofing membrane, reinforced with either a polyester or fiberglass mat.  It is manufactured  with a premium HT (High Tack) formulation to allow application in cooler climates.   This is ideal for areas where it is not feasible to use hot asphalt, cold adhesive or torch application.

Self-Stick SA Cap is available in 3 solid color and 5 shingle blends making it ideal for color blending with composition roofing.   Self-Stick SA system is available with a Nail Base and a self adhesive interply.

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MBTechnology’s “Ice & Moisture Block SBS” is a self-adhesive, SBS-modified, rubberized asphalt membrane.  The Ice & Moisture Block provides extra protection and prevents moisture penetration from windblown rain or ice damming. It is applied over critical roof areas such as eaves, ridges, valleys, dormers, and skylights. The sealing adhesive is protected on the bottom with a split release sheet which is removed during application.

Ice & Moisture Block is available in three grades:

 SA65G:   Manufactured with fine granule surfacing; ideal for tile & shingle roofs.

SA65S:  Manufactured with a smooth sand finish which enables the membrane to also be used as a self-adhesive base for APP & SBS systems.


In areas that experience rain or snowfall followed by freeze-thaw cycles, the problem of ice dam buildup is of great concern in building design. This condition is caused by a meltdown of snow/rain, which then freezes to form an ice dam that prevents proper drainage. Water backs up behind the ice dam, gradually forces its way under shingles and onto the roof deck, enters the building structure, and then causes extensive water damage.


  • Fine granule/textured film surfacing provides enhanced skid resistance.
  • Available with a higher softening point compound and film surfacing for use under metal roofs.
  • Rubberized asphalt compound seals around nails and screws.
  • Split release film provides faster and easier installation.

Ice & Moisture Block can be left exposed for 30 days before the application of a finished roof.

Nominal Specification

Product IDSA65GSA65SUltraStick-HT SA68PHT
Thickness (mils)695577
Weight (nominal lbs/roll)796572
Square feet/roll198198216
Top SurfacingSlagSmooth (sand)Polyester
UsageIce & moisture barrier, tile & shingle roof.Ice & moisture barrier, tile & shingle roof.
Self-adhesive base for APP & SBS membrane
Metal, Tile Roof (Foam, Adhesive Applied)

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Ecotorch  flashing roll

Ecotorch Flashing is a precut, smooth surfaced torch applied flashing membrane. It saves time and labor on torch applied projects. Incorporating recycled tires into SBS modified bitumen, ecotorch is a more durable, dependable, and eco-friendly roofing membrane than APP modified bitumen membranes

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Accessory Line

MBTechnology offers a full line of cold adhesive and coating to complement it’s roofing system.

MB Adhesive
Asbestos free, specially formulated cold process adhesive, which contains a special blend of enhancing modifiers to meet California VOC requirements. Available in 5 and 55 gallons.

MB adhesive is used with MBTechnology cold process systems.  It can be applied with brush, roller or squeegee.

Elastomeric   coating that enables the final assembly to achieve requirements set forth by California Title 24 for “Cool Roof” and qualifies for Leed Credit.  Available in 5 and 55 gallons.

MB Liquid Flash Permanent Detail Sealant
MB Liquid Flash Permanent Detail Sealant is a maximum performance, high build, liquid applied waterproofing sealant. This highly flexible and seamless waterproof sealant is designed to coat, seal and protect complex details that would normally require intricate flashing systems. It is a FAST, EASY and PERMANENT way to seal base flashings, curbs, penetrations, seams, HVAC Units, tie in dissimilar surfaces, and to make all kind of repairs. Engineered with “Green” solvent-free, moisture cure polymers, Liquid Flash™ is ideal for the contractor that demands maximum performance, ease of use and innovative technologies that benefit our workplace and our environment. Liquid Flash™ can be used in new construction as well as restoration and maintenance applications. Liquid Flash™ provides excellent adhesion to most common building materials and can be used on roof, window, door and wall applications.

MBT Liquid flash SDS