mbcareMBCare Free Roof Maintenance Program

A systematic roof inspection and maintenance program is essential to the satisfactory long-term performance of any roof.  Through such a program, potential problems can be discovered in their initial stages or prevented altogether.

Once the roofing system is installed, most manufacturers only return to the roof in case of leakage.  Our warranty is different, since we will inspect the roof every 3-5 years at no charge to the owner.  A comprehensive report is then prepared (digital and printed format), describing the condition of the roof.  This report will alert the owners to any areas that require maintenance. In case of minor problems on the roof (e.g., loose flashing), we will repair them at no charge, even if it has not yet resulted in leakage.

MBCare is available at no charge on projects utilizing our high performance dual reinforced membrane. They include the following.

superflex SBS SF160CSA (mop, cold applied)
fastorch SBS FT160CSA (heat welded application)

fireguard SBS FG160CWH (mop, cold applied)
fireguard fastorch SBS FGFT160CWH (heat welded application)

Another valuable aspect of MBCare program is that on projects utilizing above system we conduct more than our standard inspection. This includes a minimum of 1 or more inspections / week during the application to ensure compliance with the specification.

To receive your free sample copy of such report please contact us at info@mbtechnology.com