Why more facility managers are choosing ‘cool roof’ tech

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As a facility manager of a school campus, industrial building or other large commercial site, you are probably concerned most about cost savings, quick turnaround time on projects and no change orders. When you hear about tackling a project as big as installing or repairing roofing material, it may seem most sensible to go with the least expensive option. But with the huge number of factors at play, it’s clear that upfront costs are just a small piece of the puzzle. Not only is there future maintenance to consider, but the roofing product you choose must also fit within strict guidelines for energy efficiency and fire safety, among others. Some roofing manufacturers also offer free maintenance through the duration of the system’s warranty. This service will greatly benefit you in the long run by extending the life of the roof and enabling you to allocate your resources to other projects.

“Keep in mind the full scope of a roofing system’s capabilities.”

With the full scope of a roofing project to consider, conventional options like single-ply or APP modified bitumen don’t meet long-term needs. Not only will these materials offer less protection from the elements, they also don’t have the ability to withstand foot traffic. And if the product doesn’t come with a good warranty or maintenance, this could require many more expensive repairs or even full replacement after just a few years.

With these drawbacks in mind, facility managers are under pressure to make the right choice the first time. By going with a choice that’s reliable, affordable and compliant with regulations and certifications, all of these concerns about time and cost can effectively be eliminated. SBS modified bitumen roofing systems meet all of these needs in an ideal package.

Cool roof basics

The state of California is one of many states that enforces strict energy efficiency requirements for commercial and public buildings. Among these is the “Cool Roof” mandate outlined under the Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

As one of the largest surfaces of a building, the roof plays a major role in controlling the interior climate. Roofing material needs to not only provide a barrier to keep conditioned air inside, but it also must withstand constant sun exposure which generates considerable heat. If the roof absorbs too much sun, it will heat the interior too much and require air conditioning systems to work harder. This all adds up to considerable power consumption, which means higher energy bills and a negative impact on the environment.

Cool roofYour roofing solution needs to be reliable and efficient.

Cool roofs solve this problem by reflecting most of the sun’s energy, thus absorbing less heat. This means buildings can be adequately cooled with a smaller air conditioning unit, resulting in lower up-front and long-term costs associated with climate control. Not only that, but the state of California requires many commercial and public buildings to utilize cool roof technology.

MBTechnology’s Metalflex SBS Cool White meets and exceeds California’s cool roof requirements, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star certification.

SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing System benefits

It’s one thing to be compliant under building codes, but roofing material still needs to perform its basic function reliably. To make installation fast and affordable, the Metalflex SBS membrane can be either heat welded or applied using hot asphalt. This applies to the base layer as well as the additional layers on top which afford the most durability.

Not only does the multiple-ply system withstand fatigue better than typical single-ply roofing materials, but if maintenance is needed, it can be easily completed by on-site staff. Rather than being stuck with a contractor you didn’t choose, the ability to perform your own maintenance will only add to the cost-savings potential.

There’s plenty at stake when choosing the right roofing material, so don’t make the wrong decision. Take a look at the initial requirements as well as all the long-term benefits to make the best decision for your facility.

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