EcoTorch SBS: Eco-Friendly Roofing that Gives Back to You and the Environment

By admin on September 10, 2018 in Eco-Friendly Roofing

As an expert in the roofing industry, it’s essential to stay up-to-date utilizing the highest-quality products and most efficient roofing methods to complete your client’s projects. That’s where EcoTorch, a new and innovative torch-applied membrane, proves advantageous.

Unlike APP and other SBS modified bitumen membranes, EcoTorch is proving to be the top ecologically-friendly roofing material on the market.

Designed with the environment in mind, EcoTorch helps you successfully go green with your flashing, new roofing, and re-roofing applications.

New Torch-Applied Eco-Friendly Roofing MembraneThis new torch-applied roofing membrane is not only durable and dependable, but it is the superior roofing application, giving back to both you and the environment.

EcoTorch is comprised of recycled tire rubber, each roll using approximately one half of a passenger tire. By allowing this accumulated rubber to serve another purpose, and an effective one at that, we are able to keep tires from piling up in a landfill.

Not only is this membrane utilizing recycled rubber material, the application process uses an innovative torch-down system that requires less heat and propane creating a more energy-efficient installation for you and your team.

This environmentally-friendly roofing option offers several features that have made it a superior alternative to APP torch-applied roofing systems:

  • Ecotorch SBS Roofing MembraneBetter weather resistance, proving more flexible in cooler weather (even sub-freezing temps!)
  • Exceptional granule embedment
  • Improved end lap and metal adhesion
  • No retraining necessary
  • Fewer call-backs and liability issues

This form of recycled roofing is available in eight different shingle blends/solid colors, so there’s no compromising your client’s overall curb appeal.

Take the more energy-efficient approach when it comes to your next roofing project and utilize the EcoTorch SBS roofing membrane. For a more in-depth look into the installation process and product specifications, view our manual here, and for any other questions you may have, give our team at MB Technology a call at 1-800-621-9281 ext. 132 today!

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