Cool Roofing Solutions: How Metalflex SBS Can Increase Energy Efficiency

By admin on August 1, 2018 in Cool Roofing Solutions

Your roof should not be limited to just protecting you from the elements. Yes, it needs to be of sound quality in order to perform that task well, but it should also work towards temperature control, energy savings, and more to achieve maximum efficiency. So, it’s time to improve your energy efficiency with a cool roofing solution that will work for you.

What are the benefits of cool roofing?

There is no limit to the value that a cool roofing system can bring to your facility or property plan. It is actually a key factor in your building or development’s overall energy efficiency.

Temperature control

Metalflex SBS Cool White 24As we previously mentioned, temperature control plays a vital role in the success of a cool roof. It is effective in combating the hot sun, using reflective surfacing that deflect the heat more than your average roofing system.

Lower energy costs

With less heat being absorbed, your energy bills will experience some relief. The cooler temperature inside means using your air conditioning unit less since the system won’t need to work as hard to keep a comfortable temperature.

Easy maintenance & longer lifecycles

Again, with most of the heat being reflected back out into the environment, your roof will experience less deterioration and damage, extending its lifespan. With high puncture and traffic resistance, as well as reduced thermal bridging and more flexibility, the maintenance will prove easy.

Metalflex SBS Cool White 24 reflects 75 percent of Solar Heat and exceeds the requirements of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations.

Featuring a unique, white aluminum foil surface and unparalleled reflectivity, durability, and seam integrity, the Metalflex SBS roofing membrane is successful in reducing a building’s energy consumption and adheres to the United States Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star® standard.

This cool roofing solution is utilized by facility managers and architects alike for their various projects across commercial, school, city, and public buildings. With the on-going demand for innovative energy efficient roofing systems, MB Technology has answered. Call us at 1-800-621-9281 or email us today to learn more about Metalflex SBS Cool White 24!

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