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Repairing the roof of any building can be a challenge, not just due to ordinary logistical obstacles but also keeping in mind various environmental concerns, health hazards and special considerations. Orange Glen High School in Escondido, CA, faced all of these challenges at once when it came time to replace the roof of its main building. With the help of MB Technology, the school was able to complete the project on time, on budget and with numerous benefits for the students who spend their time there.

The problem

Orange Glen High School needed a replacement for their 30-year-old built up roof that would not only satisfy the basic needs of any roofing system, but could meet other specifications including:

  • Standards for energy efficiency as mandated by the state’s “Cool Roof” code.
  • The ability to withstand foot traffic from maintenance workers and students, on occasion.
  • An odorless application process that would not create a health hazard for students and staff on site.
RoofThe roof of Orange Glen High School prior to replacement.

An architect from the Escondido Union High School District approved a design for the roof that met each of these requirements. MB Technology was ultimately selected to accomplish the task.

The solution

MB Technology worked closely with roofing contractors and facility managers to ensure the right materials for the job were selected. To ensure fast, safe application during the school year, workers used Metalflex SBS to seal the roof. Metalflex SBS is unique among modified bitumen roofing for its ability to be applied without the release of harmful fumes. At the same time, its thick multi-ply design and optional white coating can keep the building compliant with “Cool Roof” requirements while standing up to stress from foot traffic. Metalflex SBS Cool White 24 reflects up to 75 percent of any solar energy away from the roof’s surface, keeping things much cooler indoors and reducing energy consumption related to climate control.

Applying Metalflex SBS to the roof of Orange Glen High School.Applying Metalflex SBS to the roof of Orange Glen High School.

More common single-ply roofing is too easily damaged from routine use or gradual wear and tear, making it unsuitable for this situation. Rather than a single-ply coating of only 60 millimeters in thickness, Metalflex SBS comes in at 240 millimeters and is much more flexible. In addition, few roofing services include a full spectrum of routine service and inspection. Throughout the design and installation process, engineers from MB Technology checked in at least once per week to ensure everything met their strict standards for quality and safety.

The results

MB Technology completed the Orange Glen High School project without causing any disruption to students and staff on campus. Once complete, everyone in the school could enjoy a safe roofing system that also exceeded EPA standards for energy efficiency.

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