The Advantages of a FasTorch SBS Roofing Membrane

By admin on September 26, 2018 in Roofing Solutions

A torch-applied membrane is built to last, supplying home and business owners with the strongest, most reliable material for their roofs.

And with the addition of FasTorch SBS, an extremely flexible roofing membrane, you can experience a better application process, improved adhesion to metal and end laps, and much more.

Torch-Applied Roofing SolutionsMultidirectional strength in your roofing system

Superior to other APP membranes, the asphalt in FasTorch is modified with a synthetic rubber (SBS) giving it a more rubberized, flexible property. This modification ensures a stronger roofing membrane in every direction.

Excellent cold temperature flexibility

Cooler weather is no match for this torch-applied membrane; the material stays flexible, even under cold temps. The FasTorch SBS membrane has also proven to be resistant to “thermal shock,” the culprit of most roof failures.

Superior elongation and recall properties

Compared to the traditional modified or non-modified systems, FasTorch SBS holds superior. It offers advanced sustainability and excellent tensile strength.

FasTorch SBS MembraneAs a dedicated professional in the roofing industry, we understand that you are always looking for the best options, materials, and roofing techniques to use in your client’s projects.

We have you covered.

That’s why roofing systems designed around a fire rated FasTorch SBS cap membrane are rated by Underwriters Lab and Warnock Hersey as a Class A fire rated system.

At MBTechnology, we are continuously improving our products so that you are fully equipped to take on your projects. Give us a call at 1-800-621-9281 ext. 132 today to learn more about FasTorch SBS!

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