3 key factors you might not consider when choosing roofing materials


Beginning a project to replace a roof, or plan its construction from the beginning, can be extremely complicated. Facility managers, architects and contractors are all concerned with producing the best design possible at an affordable price – but of course, that’s not all that needs to be considered. Don’t neglect these key components of quality roofing before setting out to complete a project:

The warranty

“The average warranty leaves plenty of room for headaches.”

Most roofing contractors will offer a fixed-term warranty for any defects or issues with materials after they’ve been installed. However, the details of the average warranty leave plenty of room for headaches. For example, many roofing warranties only cover a limited number of problems like leaks, and don’t cover preventative care that is essential for long-term maintenance. It’s also not uncommon to find warranties limited in who can be contracted to perform repairs, even if they are covered. Without a high-quality warranty in place, facility managers could face massive repair bills.

When shopping around for a roofing contractor and materials, don’t settle for a weak warranty. Instead, choose a provider that incorporates preventative care and regular maintenance into their service. Facility managers should expect nothing less than scheduled inspection and repairs around every three years. In addition, any eligible repairs should come free of charge for the life of the warranty.


When considering a reroof project, choose a manufacturer who can inspect your building, prepare a report on the condition of the roof and, most importantly, generate a detailed specification for the project. By putting out a comprehensive specification, you are minimizing the chance of getting a costly change order and can rest assured that all contractors will be bidding equally. Most important is to require the manufacturer to conduct inspections during application, thus ensuring the specification is followed through and contractors are not cutting corners. An example of such a service is MBCare offered by MBTechnology.

Roofing materialsHigh quality and committed service are the two most valuable traits of any roofing contractor.

Energy efficiency

The roof is often the largest continuous surface within a building, which means it plays a key role in indoor climate control. In fact, many jurisdictions now require new or renovated buildings to adhere to strict standards for energy consumption. But even in areas where this isn’t required, picking the wrong roof material could mean committing to unreasonably high expenses to keep the interior comfortable.

For better or worse, it’s no longer a good idea to select roofing that’s cheap and easy to install. Considering the full life of the building, making the switch to energy-efficient roofing makes the most sense. These materials work to reflect more sunlight while absorbing a specific amount of heat, keeping the inside of the building cool in the summer but manageable in cold weather, too.

No matter what building it is, expert design and construction demands full attention to every detail. Contact MB Technology to learn more about what it takes to complete a quality roofing project.

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